Doughnut Devotions


The Bible describes the staples of our spiritual life with various food items – milk, meat, bread of life, living water.  But just like any well-balanced diet, you need a fun treat every now and then. 

Doughnut Devotions is a collection of humorous and inspiring stories for your spiritual sweet tooth.  Life is  full of situations that make us laugh.  Beyond the humor there are often important applications.  What spiritual lessons might be found in these stories?

  • The Saga of the Shopping Cart
  • Salvation by Extension Cord
  • Doing Battle From the Man Bench
  • Car Wash of Fear
  • All Aboard: The Humility Train is Leaving the Station

 Add in a little doughnut trivia and Doughnut Devotions is guaranteed to start your day with a chuckle while drawing your attention to the Savior.

Available at

Link to Kindle version.

Link to harcopy version.


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