About Lane

I was born and raised in the sleepy, small town of Sylvania, Alabama.  I have three awesome children: Kayla, Cassidy and Austin.  By day, I’m a mild-mannered, IT project manager.  At night, I don my cape and do battle against injustice and evildoers. Not really, at night I’m just a tired, mild-manner, IT project manager that likes to do a little writing.

Why write?  After all, I’m one voice in a noisy universe of communication.  There are a myriad of voices out there with various intentions:

  • Some voices are aimed at causing conflict while others seek to bring joy.
  • Some voices are passionate for a cause while others are interested only in momentary gratification.
  • Some voices are bent on destruction while others want to bring healing.

You name it, there’s a voice speaking it into existence.  So, what is my voice?  Pretty simple – If I can bring a smile or laughter to someone’s day and point people to a loving Savior, then my voice has achieved its goal.

In addition to the blog, I’m putting the finishing touches to a book, Doughnut Devotions, which should be out in early 2014.

Thanks for stopping by. Grab a doughnut and a smile.  More importantly, let’s turn our attention to Jesus Christ and make all our voices count for His glory.


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